Following Elon Musk’s compelling presentation at the Tesla Powerwall launch, showcasing the feasibility of a fossil fuel-free future with Solar & Storage, demand for battery storage has soared. Tesla’s Powerwall represents a significant advancement in solar battery technology. Offering up to 13.5kWh of storage capacity and a continuous power delivery of 5kW (with peaks up to 7kW for 10 seconds), the Powerwall offers exceptional value with the lowest price per kWh of storage available.

All Powerwall models now include a Backup Gateway, ensuring uninterrupted electricity supply during power outages. Essential appliances like lights, washing machines, dishwashers, ovens, and hobs remain operational. The gateway also intelligently manages heavy-load appliances such as EV chargers and heat pumps, prioritising power for essential needs.

Maximising your storage capacity allows you to leverage Smart Meter “time of day” charging, enabling free charging from your solar panels or cheap grid electricity during off-peak hours, further enhancing financial benefits.

As the most sought-after battery in the UK market, the Powerwall sets the standard for home energy storage solutions.

The Tesla Powerwall offers three versatile modes: storing surplus solar-generated electricity, Time-of-use charging, and backup power.

1.  Increase Self-Consumption of Solar Power:

The Powerwall stores excess solar energy generated during the day, making it available for use in the evening when the sun isn’t shining.

2.  Time of Use/Load Shifting:

The Powerwall charges during low-rate periods when electricity demand is lower and discharges during higher-rate periods when demand is greater, optimizing cost savings.

3.  Backup Power:

During a grid outage, the Backup Gateway ensures your Powerwall continues to power your home or select circuits. It also keeps your solar PV system generating energy even during power cuts.

The Powerwall includes a 13.5 kWh lithium-ion battery pack, a liquid thermal control system, an integrated inverter capable of continuous 5kW charge/discharge, and software that intelligently manages electricity dispatch. The unit can be seamlessly mounted on a wall or the ground, indoors or outdoors, and connects to the grid to leverage low-cost electricity, maximizing your economic benefits.

Tesla Powerwall
Tesla Powerwall

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We are proud to be one of the few approved and accredited installers of Tesla Powerwall.


With more than 20 years combined experience, you can be confident we will design a bespoke system that is right for you and your requirements.
Renewable energy systems can be complex and can require a significant financial investment. We will design, install and monitor your system with the highest quality service.


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We provide excellent design, delivery, and support services. Let's work together to find a cost-effective solution that fits your energy needs.
We will guide you through the entire process, and once your system is up and running, our installers will explain how everything works and show you to access you own monitoring platform.

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